The San Angelo Series has been collected by both the public and private sector. An interesting tidbit about this series is that half of the series is owned by the city of San Angelo, currently hanging at the City Hall offices. 

However, other San Angelo Series art works can be found among the many local collectors in our city. Here are what some have said about the art they have collected over the years.


"Alejandro is one of my favorite artists. His work and use of bright colors in all of his work makes him stand above the rest...if you are needing a unique gift or beautiful artwork for your home, look no further than Alejandro!" - Allen Rodarte (collector)


"I've collected Alejandro's art for years now and I will continue to for many years! I'm happy with all of the work he has done and I look forward to seeing more of his work!" - Jennifer Flores (collector)


"Great art from a great artist. I own mutliple print and will definteley be buying more!" - Garrett Acker (collector)


"Very talented and inspiring artist with a finger on the pulse of both pop-culture, and the heartbeat of the regional culture is immersed in." - Mattew McGuire (collector)


Owners of Old Central Firehouse (Jody and Michelle Babiash) name their top 5 San Angelo Series prints!